Stay motivated while applying to PA school


A new year, and for many (myself included) this brings the excitement of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

Applying to PA school is a long and arduous journey. So it is only natural that there will be times that you become inpatient or discouraged on how distant this goal appears to be.

I know, I have been there. I have been in your situation. You are working your tail off in college to get the grades and do everything you can to become a strong applicant and you just want it to happen already. The goal seems like a far off star in another galaxy, making it easy to lose track and procrastinate. Next thing you know you have burned hours of the day falling down the rabbit hole of checking social media feeds and watching TV.

Here are my recommendations to keep your motivation and energy level up?

Eat healthy: No brainer right? We always fall victim to this once January passes, we are back to eating the same junk we always do. Why? Because it is fast and convenient and there. Start looking up recipes on Pinterest and Instagram. There are so many quick and delicious recipes out there to try. I love trying out new smoothie recipes that I find and add my own unique twist to them.

Stay active and exercise:
The endorphin release from exercise is worth the time and effort. Also, you heart and lungs will thank you for the work out. You can join a gym or local boot camp. Search local social media feeds and you might come across free boot camp or yoga classes. For me just getting outside for a run is all it takes to put my mind at ease and relieve stress. You have a lot stressful obligations weighing you down, why not exercise and gain the strength to hold them high over your head with ease.

Volunteer in the medical field:
By helping others you are also helping yourself.
You gain an appreciation for how fortunate you are, you help provide for those in need, and you learn more about the medical field. Most colleges have clubs related to helping the medically underserved. Research and find a club or organization to join. It also will increase you network. Who knows, maybe the physician that you volunteer with through the organization may one day be looking for a PA to hire and guess what, you have the advantage with the previous experience.

The #1 way to stay motivated…
Shadow PAs:
What better way to gain motivation to becoming a PA then spending the day and seeing what a typical day for them looks like. Not only will you gain a better understanding of the profession you will learn what elements of the career you are drawn to, reaffirming your motivations. By the end of the day, I see the glimmer in the students eyes after they had shadowed me. I know that this motivated them more than anything else.
Check out to be matched up with a practicing PA to shadow.

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