Mentoring through live video conferencing

One on One Mentoring

The insight you want on a schedule that works for you.

Ask successful people how they became successful and most would explain:

"With dedication, hard work, and a great mentor".


Think of all the people who have helped You accomplish your goals so far.

The same holds true for the Physician Assistant profession.

Ask current PA students about their application process and many will mention that they had a PA(s) that helped them along the way. Be it shadowing or providing insight on what to expect.


Now you have an opportunity to expand your network and have a PA as your mentor.


I offer one on one phone or video conferencing where you are free to ask me anything and know that you will get an honest answer. 

Whether you ask me about the application process or for tips to help you interview more effectively. 

 The conferences are personalized to your specific background and experiences.

We can chat via Google Hangouts or Skype.

I have been helping aspiring PAs for years and I know what it takes to gain acceptance into the top PA programs is the nation.

My years of experiences has created a vast network of PAs.


Get started today.


$45 for a 30 minute session


$120 for three 30 minute sessions. Max 1 hour session at a time.

Pay securely through Paypal.

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