My Journey with Jennifer Zamora

Hi my name is Jennifer Zamora M.P.A.P., PA-CI practice at the Children’s Doctor and Health to Hope Mobil Clinics.I attended USC PA Program and graduated in 20091. When did you realize you wanted to pursue the PA profession?An open-house about being a PA was so eye-opening! I did not want to wait forever to have […]

“My Journey” with Chase Hungerford

Hi my name is Chase HungerfordI practice Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgeryI attended USC PA Program and graduated in 2015.1. When did you realize you wanted to pursue the PA profession?I knew I wanted to become a PA after the first time I shadowed a PA(you)! Once I saw you in action, I knew this was […]

Lunch with a PA episode 3 with Jen Huie

This week I sit down with my colleague Jen Huie. Her work at the same orthopedic office but have different schedules and rarely get a chance to sit like this and chat. She graduated from Yale University’s PA program and provides some great insight for aspiring PAs. If you want to know how to become […]

Stay motivated while applying to PA school

A new year, and for many (myself included) this brings the excitement of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Applying to PA school is a long and arduous journey. So it is only natural that there will be times that you become inpatient or discouraged on how distant this goal appears to be. I […]

Lunch with a PA Episode 1 Interview with Josh Hannan

I had a chance to interview my good friend Josh Hannan. We both graduated from Western Univeristy of Health Sciences in 2008 and are both practicing Orthopedics. Josh provides insight for aspiring PAs by telling us about his journey to becoming a PA.

5 Study tips to get you ready for finals

It is that time of year where the consumption of caffeine and the stress levels of college students increase exponentially. With that ultimate goal of becoming a physician assistant you know that getting solid grades is a must. Here are my 5 tips to help you crush your exams: 5. Do the math: Whenever possible, review […]

Lunch with a PA

The road to becoming a PA can be difficult and stressful. Gain insight and get recommendations from practicing PAs on how you can get into PA school.

How to become a stronger applicant over your holiday break

This time of year is great for so many reasons. Time off from school. Time to spend with family and friends. Time to reflect and be thankful for all that you have. But most importantly, time to invest in yourself and spend some time working towards obtaining your dream. That dream, getting into PA school. […]